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Angled Table and Table Top Separators for CNVS

This project was a collaboration between Bilge Nur Saltik and interdisciplinary furniture brand CNVS design, as part of which Nur created the Angled Table and Table Top Separators, ideal for use in co-working spaces today.


The Angled Table is designed to initiate collaboration in co-working spaces. Each table provides the user flexibility in their workspace–The tables can be arranged to face away from each other for isolated work, or be shuffled closer for eye-contact, in the case of collaboration.


The Table top separators are designed to give users more privacy, as well as provide them with a canvas to personalize their space. These colorful metal separators easily slide into grooves on the tables and can accommodate notes made with markers, or pin up sketches and magnets.


Both the Angled Table and Table-Top Separators are currently in use, and can be spotted at the co-working space of ATÖLYE, in Istanbul.

Photo credit ATÖLYE Labs

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