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at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Bilge Nur Saltik is invited to showcase Share.Food collection in THE SENSES: DESIGN BEYOND VISION exhibition at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. ‘Share.Food’ is an award-winning ceramic tableware series thinking through the dining etiquette of the 21st century. Nur is focusing on the best manner of sharing food. Plates and cups designed to give the user the option of opening their plates to others. With the angled cups and plates it is a balancing game around a dining table. Nur`s aim is to encourage people to share their food. Open your plate to others to initiate conversation.

 About the Exhibition


Explore experimental works and practical solutions designed to inspire wonder and new ways of accessing our world. Wander through a scented snowstorm, play a furry instrument in a Tactile Orchestra, investigate the sonic properties of glass, and experience many more multisensory experiences from some of the world’s most creative thinkers, including Christopher Brosius, KunstLAB Arnhem, Studio Roos Meerman, Maya+Rouvelle, and more. With over 65 design projects and more than 40 objects and installations to touch, hear, and smell, The Senses is an inclusive celebration of the sensory richness of design.


Sensory design recognizes that we understand and navigate the world with all five of our senses. Organized into nine thematic sections, The Senses demonstrates that by opening up to multiple sensory dimensions, designers reach a greater diversity of users. Maps that can be touched as well as seen facilitate mobility and knowledge for sighted, low-vision, and blind users. Audio devices translate sound into vibrations that can be felt on the skin. Tableware and kitchen tools use color and form to guide people living with dementia or vision loss. These innovations are beneficial to all users as sensory design enhances awareness of the body and creates new emotional terrain through its stimulation of our visceral responses.


Designed to be an accessible experience welcoming to visitors of all abilities, The Senses’exhibition will feature labels with key elements in braille and a custom smartphone app that will connect visitors to exhibition content via text or audio. Additional accessibility features include T-coil–enabled audio devices and audio descriptions explaining the visual content of videos. The museum will also offer dynamic descriptive exhibition tours of The Senses with trained museum educators, as well as programming for visitors with sensory differences.

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