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Form&Seek London Design Fair2017​

Form&Seek will be part of Dutch Pavilion at London Design Fair on 21-24 September 2017


Form&Seek exhibitions always show a consideration to new crafts, material and processes.


With this upcoming show Form&Seek explores the theme of "Openness" where we focus on what designers with a vision of across borders and cultures, make and design in order to shift attitudes and cultures for the a more inclusive future. Form&Seek explores the idea of Dutch design, not through a national lens but as an attitude and way of thinking.


​​For the first time ever Form&Seek launches its own collection during London Design Festival as well as a producing and selling platform, enabling consumers and retailers to purchase original and innovative crafted goods from a curated collection founded and run by designers.

The Form&Seek collection focuses on new developed processes and contemporary, globally local craft techniques. Interesting, innovative materials and processes play a key role in the pieces by Form&Seek. Each item tells a story through the way it has been made or the impact it has on our daily lives. 

Our new collection expands on a wide range of crafted products from conventional products prototyped with new technologies to products that play with natural formations and uses of material. Each thought provoking, poetic design object has a strong character and personality with the personal mark of the maker. 

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