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HereXNow by Form&Seek 

Curated by Bilge Nur Saltik


Here X Now exhibition focuses on making in isolation. It is a blessing to find a moment to create when no one is looking. It is a focused time to play and work on your own. As we worked remote and in isolation, the ever-changing circumstances pushed us to find unique ways to create. With this exhibition, participating designers were invited to share the projects they made in solitude, through their innovative and unique approaches to contemporary design.

Form&Seek is a design studio that creates and curates uniquely crafted products. As we believe in the power of togetherness we develop Form&Seek Collective. Form&Seek Collective is a project by Form&Seek studio. With this project, we aim to create a platform for international designers from diverse backgrounds to showcase their work in important design fairs all around the world. Experimental and thought-provoking work from diverse professional backgrounds and locations unites under fresh and pertinent themes at each of our exhibits. Form&Seek has worked with over 110 designers from 25 different countries so far... An ever-evolving network of talented designers and a large collective body of one-of-a-kind work are among the imprints of Form&Seek Collective today.

Designers: Bilge Nur Saltik, Donut Shop, Ebitenyefa Baralaye, Elizabeth Salonen, Hannah Green, Irina Flore, Jack Craig, Noah Stalgia, Rachel Heibel, Rebeka Sweda, Simon Anton, Unsold, Zahra Almajidi

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