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Forgetting Endurance, 2012

Renata Bandeira and Bilge Nur Saltik

In their work for the ‘Departure Lounge’, Bandeira and Saltik inquire into the conscious and sometimes involuntary state of isolation, the self-contained journey that starts and finishes at the same point (the contained body) and the idea of continuity of this journey, a continuity that can be seen as the evolving distances between points of view.

‘Forgetting Endurance’ speculates on the idea of the corridor as an imaginary and isolating pathway of the body and a container of the mind.

It acts as a materialist translation that questions the ideas of boundaries, physical interaction, movement and degrees of observation from different points of view in society.

When one is in transition in the urban landscape, one can choose to look at others but does not have control of being looked at. The architectural space and the mental space can join, and time and space play defining roles as the contradiction between the discontinuity of the viewpoint and the continuity of infinite variations.

A journey that starts at x and finishes at z can have multiple meanings but always one constant, the contained body.

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