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Form&Seek collective brings together fresh, vibrant talents from all around the word to Milan Design Week 2019. `Tactile Matter` show by Form&Seek collective will be part of the Ventura Future fair in their new location at the BASE, Zona Tortona.

For our new show, we are curating a collection of products with intriguing processes and materials. Our curated collection includes innovative, crafted and tactile contemporary design products. By way of experimenting and exploring new materials and unconventional techniques, the collective comes together to display their creations and findings to the world. 

Bilge Nur Saltık exhibited following: 

Ripple Mugs - A new grand size for the everyone’s favorite Ripple Espresso Cups. Tactile stackable cups inspired by Greek Columns.

 Shimmer Candleholder - Inspired by the phosphorescence of the moon over the sea in the evening. The candle holder contains three pieces of block crystal glass carved by hand to create reflections on the glass.

Cookie The Platter - A ceramic serving platter that looks visually delicious. Handmade platter made out of 3 different clay woven together, after the specially developed flattening technique different colored clay mix-up in a unique way.


About Form&Seek

A unique and dynamic collective of creatives


In 2013, designers Bilge Nur Saltik, Golnar Roshan and Ruben de la Rive Box launched Form&Seek–an international platform for designers and artists to come together, and exhibit their work as a powerful collective.


Experimental and thought-provoking work from diverse professional backgrounds and locations unites under fresh, and pertinent themes at each of Form&Seek's exhibits. The collective has grown and evolved immensely–from their first exhibition 'No Borders' at Istanbul Design Week in 2013, to their three consecutive showings at the prestigious London Design Festival and Milan Design Week since then.An ever-evolving network of talented designers and a large collective body of one-of-a-kind work are among the imprints of Form&Seek today.

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