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OP-jects bowl is part of the ongoing experiments series called OP-jects (Optical Objects). The glass bowl is hand blown and hand carved in Istanbul. We produce only 2 of these pieces. One is part of the permanent collection of the Shanghai Museum of Glass, the other can be yours!




​OP-jects is a series of daily life objects with optical illusions. My aim is to change the perception by giving the brain maximum information. The function of the objects triggers the effect of illusions and it reveals hidden visual secrets. I am manipulating the information brain receives by distorting the image with layering different materials.Playing with color and geometrical patterns enhance the optical illusions. This collection contains series of objects to reveal this secret, magical and playful effect. I gather all of these objects in a room to give the audience full experience of whimsicalness in their every move.

OP-jects Bowl

300,00$ Regular Price
150,00$Sale Price
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  • Sample sale items are one off`s, therefore, all the purchases in this category are final sales.


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