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11. May - 09. June 2019 | Neue Galerie, Joanneumsviertel


The World Wide Things Collection shows typical local products from the UNESCO Cities of Design. You can see works from Istanbul, Puebla, Mexico City, Detroit, Saint-Etienne, Singapur, and Graz.


The World Wide Things Collection collects great design from the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, connects great designers, products, manufacturers, and distributors, and develops a great marketplace for the UNESCO Cities of Design. The ProjectThe World Wide Things Collection is a worldwide marketplace for carefully selected design products. This growing selection is presented in different formats such as exhibitions, shops, conferences, meetings, conventions and online. The collection acts literally as “Hyperloop” as it displays products created in the UNESCO Cities of Design and moreover, facilitates the exchange of ideas, designs and best practices. The design products presented in the collection can be bought through online shops.


Form&Seek product nominated by Design Core Detroit to exhibit and represent designers based in the Detroit area.

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